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First Intermediate Period 
	2134 B.C. - 2040 B.C. 

Civil War

	Pyramid building stopped
-Destruction of crops
-Causality rates high 
-Population drop
-Productivity drop 

Middle Kingdom

2040 B.C. - 1640 B.C. 

Rise of the Pharaohs 
	-Class of priests 
		(Priests very powerful) 
	-Expansion...Conquer Nubia 
	-Military Expeditions to Palestine & Syria 
	-Trade with Mesopotamia & Mediterranean 

Government works projects 
	-Canal - connected Nile to Red Sea. 

Second Intermediate Period

	1640 B.C. - 1532 B.C. 

Invaded by Hyksos 
	-Conflict as Egyptians try to overthrow invaders 

New Kingdom 

	1532 B.C. - 1070 B.C. 

	Last period of stability & glory for ancient Egypt. They conquered Libya : Syria 
	Developed standing army with weapons and technology that they got from the Hyksos. 

	-Fights over succession and began to fall apart. 


1070 B.C. - 332 B.C. 

-Weak Pharaohs 
-Some invasions 

332 B.C. - Alexander the Great