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Timeline of Alexander the Great

359 B.C. - Philip II begins conquering Greeks
338 B.C. - Philip II Assassinated 
Son, 20 year old Alexander becomes the king of Greece. He had been on military campaigns. He knew how to be a soldier. 
336 B.C. - Started a journey of 3,600 days, 20,000 miles...created the biggest empire the world had ever seen.
334 B.C. - Asia Minor & Persia
332 B.C. - Syria, Palestine (Levant) & Egypt. 
331 B.C. - Conquers Babylon 
326 B.C. - Crosses the Indus River
323 B.C. - Alexander the Great Dies. Only 32 years old. 
By 300 B.C. - his empire fell apart. 

	When he left Egypt, he left Ptolemy (a general) behind to rule Egypt. They built a new capital - Alexandria.