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Albert Einstein was born on March 14, 1879. He is a German-born 

theoretical physicist widely considered one of the greatest physicists of all time. While 

best known for the theory of relativity (and specifically mass-energy equivalence, E=mc2) 

he has just been awarded a Nobel Prize in Physics for his explanation of the 

photoelectric effect and "for his services to Theoretical Physics". Young Albert’s 

childhood and early adolescence does not seem to have been out of the ordinary. When 

Einstein aged sixteen he renounced his German citizenship and moved to Switzerland.

I’m right outside his current house in Princeton New Jersey it is currently……”excuse me sir what 

year is it?” “1933…..stupid.” It is currently 1933. So he just moved here. I think that he is different 

from the other theoretical physicist because he is very curious, he even said himself “never stop 

questioning.” Albert Einstein has made a few speeches but has done many books such as Ideas and 

opinions, the world as I see it. He has also wrote an autobiography and much more. I think that he 

does the things he does because he likes to find out why something is what, and it gave him a 

advantage over the other theorists. I’m going back to 2007 now. Oh shoot I think I left my watch in 

1933. That’s going to be a leap in technology for them.