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His last years on earth
If Einstein were alive today he would be living the life. Soaking up all the popularity.
Well yes that is true if you call pretending to be sick so that visitors don’t come into your
home “living the life.” According to his last girlfriend, who was twenty-two years
younger than him, on his 75th birthday Einstein received a parrot as gift. After deciding
the bird was depressed, Einstein tried to alter its mood by telling bad jokes. Einstein’s
health began to fail, but he continued to indulge in what remained his favorite of all
hobbies, sailing.

This is a picture of Einstein and his girlfriend Johanna Fantova they spent many
enjoyable hours on Lake Carnegie in Princeton, N.J.
One of the aspects of his life that Einstein appreciated greatly was nature and he would
love to take walks as a child and to relax with the world. Johanna Fantova recalls that of
the years she knew him Einstein spoke a lot about politics. You may know that he was
offered to be the president of Israel in 1952 but he declined. The Princeton museum has a
collection of the poems, letters and photos Einstein sent to Fantova. Einstein will always
be remembered, but it’s only a matter of time until the next one comes along.