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In Africa
Mali, Songhai, Atlantic slave trade (begins & ends)
European influence begins 

In the Americas...Incas&Aztecs&North American tribes fall to conquering europeans. Spanish, Portuguese, british & Frenche colonize. 1776 USA declares independence (mexico will declare independence in 1810). 

In Asia
Ming dynasty rises, and falls. Qing invade China from Manchuria. China thrives, isolated from west japan - feudal era of shogunates. Tokugawa shogunate resists trade, isolates Japan from the west. India - Small Hindu Kingdoms in south fall to european traders & influence

Middle East/West Asia
Ottoman Empire prospers...then begins to decline as Europeans take over global trade. 

In Europe
Renaissance, Reformation, Wars of Religion. Scientific Revolution, Exploration, Enlightenment. 
	Revolution (1789-1799)
	The French revolution shook europe.
	1799-Napoleon takes power from directory in coup el etat. 
	By 1812...he has conquered all of western europe (Spain, Italy, Conference of the Rhine, Prussia, Austria, Netherlands, Spanish Netherlands, Switzerland) 

Napoleon’s Contributions…

For France
Peace/Reconciliation with Church
Organized into Directories/Provinces
Merit Based Aristocracy
Modernized Economy
Modernized Military

For Europe
Spread Ideals of French Revolution
Instilled Nationalism
Reorganized Germanic States
Made England more active on cont.