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Ghana 500 A.D. - 1230 A.D. 
	Most people live in small farming villages with locan councils

	Ruled through military power, collected taxes & tributes from villages
ivory, slaves & animals skins traded through Berbers to Mediterranean In the 700s Islam's arrives in West Africa

Muslim Traders began to influence Ghana 1000 AD. Weakened kingdom falls

Mali (1240 A.D. - 1400 A.D.) 

	Sundjiata Keita (Founder) 
Same type of political structure of Ghana, with stronger king. 

Capture Timbuktu 
	(Trading city in Sahara) 

Mali becomes Rich

Mansa Musa (1312 - 1337)
Doubled size of kingdom provinces with governors. Pilgrimage to mecca 

By 1300s West Africa 
Is a center of Islamie learning & culture 

Mali collapsed into civil war / 400s 

1460s - Sonni Ali expands

Songhai Empire (1200s - 1590) 

Sonni Ali conquers Timbuktu & Malian Empire Mehammad toure, his successor, politically reforms / organizes empire & builds a calvary & navy.