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Cotton Bryan

A Letter to Mr. Bryan In Three Parts

Dear Mr. Bryan,

This year I hope to hold myself to much higher standards in academic achievement than my past Sophomore year. I hope to enlist in challenging courses that I am interested in, and give them my best effort. I’m looking forward to a difficult year. One goal this year is to maintain an A or B in every class. Another goal is to stay motivated throughout the year, to not become discouraged by copious amounts of work. My goal for English class is to read all assigned material, regardless of my personal interest in the subject.

I’m worried that I will not be able to stay motivated throughout the year. Consequentially, I’m worried I won’t be able to achieve A’s and B’s for my classes. I’m also nervous about taking AP classes and tests, because this is my first time. I’m also worried about monotonous handouts and uninspiring material. I’m concerned that I spend too much time on writing assignments when I put in my full effort. I’m also concerned that my effort in English class will tragically succumb to my disinterest in reading.

I’m almost always a vocal student. I’m invigorated by discussion, and will usually participate. I had the same English teacher from first grade to the end of middle school. I’ve never been a good or intrigued reader. I dislike structure and limitations in assignments. I have a fluctuating interest in Vocabulary and English grammar (i.e. the technicalities of the English language). Teachers have helped me by allowing extra time on exams. Teachers have previously inhibited my learning by spending an excess of time on one topic.


Joseph Puccio