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I lay in bed, staring at the ceiling. It was 1:38 AM I couldn’t fall asleep, there was too much running through my head. Earlier that night I had been thinking about the dawn of existence, how something came from nothing. How did all of this start? Is there a point of live? These questions dashed through my head, I tried to calm myself with a few deep breathes but the they just came back. I had school the next day, I should fall asleep now, I needed to. I kept thinking about how much sleep I would get if I fell asleep now. Seven hours, Six hours, Five hours, the time just slipped by me.

Then I remembered the mind, and how unbelievable complex it is. The unbelievable control of it and how if you think that someone is bad, your mind finds these amazing connections to put every action they do, every word that comes out of there mouth, in a bad context. Then it came to me, could I my mind be the only thing alive, the only thing working.

Nobody around me is real, could that be the explanation to how something came from nothing? I talked one of my friend the next day about it, he was spitting out questions all over the place. He didn’t understand, at that point I didn’t think anyone could. He continued asking, “how many figures am I holding up.” With his hands hidden behind his back, to go along with it I guessed “four” which turned out to be correct.

However I explained that it was an example of chance and not what I was talking about. I replied to him, “What I mean is that the world around me is under the control of my logic, what I think that makes sense actually makes sence.” In my mind,

telepathically communicating is not possible. And that is reality. The reason I didn’t actually know how many fingers he was holding up was because in my head I don’t control the world and control what people think and do, but I control what is reason and what is right.

If what I am talking about is true, people’s reactions are based on how I think they would react based on there mood and personal history. I create this reaction subconsciously and it occurs before me, however I can not predict the reaction because my conscious mind is unaware of the reaction because to my conscious mind none of what I am talking about is true. And God is one of the things distracting me and the unreal people around me.

This could be possible because the mind can cause many things to happen, if you think you have a stomach ache and believe in it strongly enough your stomach will hurt. The mind can dream, which can create something so real that it seems like it is reality. I have often felt emotions in dreams, which truly shows that the brain knows how to capture the feeling of emotions when your awake, and express them when your asleep.

I have read that your brain does not “shut down” for 4-6 minutes after you die, could that mean that after a lifetime your brain could capture touch, smell, emotions and the illusion of sight enough that in those six minutes you could be dreaming in a sense but in such a way that you can have all the sensations that you do when your awake? In

a live that you are aware of, which could be considered your waking live, you may not be living, but inside your mind and the logic that you has guided your life and the physics around you.

Another way this is possible is because your mind would not have to create the actions of other people that your not in contact with, your ability to use the senses that you have is limited to a certain area. This would mean that in your waking life nothing exists beyond what you can see, hear, touch, smell and taste. But of course if this is true then right now, nothing exists besides me.

The reader of this story is actually made up in my mind. Once again if this was all true, when you learn something, the limitations of what you learn is within your imagination, and within your logic.