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Polling Report: 
	President Obama
	Direction of the country 
	Ferguson, Missouri 
	Same-sex marriage 
Pew Research: 
	Racial divisions in reaction to Ferguson shooting
	Support for Airstrikes in Iraq 
	Political Polarization in the American Public 

	Black and White Attitudes toward Police 
	Americans’ Satisfaction with Job Security at New High 
	Americans Wary of Federal Influence on Public Schools 

Americans’ Satisfaction with Job Security at New High: 
	Gallup has conducted a survey, asking respondents about their experience at their job, numerous times over the last 20 years. The survey reveals information about workers’ satisfaction with their boss, job security, changes for promotion, money earned, and many other occupational qualities. I was impressed that at the bottom of the article, Gallup included detailed information on how they conducted the study. Including the sample size and statistical confidence level of their conclusions.