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Duke Ellington - 

East st louis toodalo is raspy trumpet 

Recognize the tenor sax solo for ben webster in Cottontail 

isfahan - slow, whiny saxophone 

Benny goodman -

	Sing sing sing with a swing. Shit ton of drums. 

	Solo flight. The guitar kind of talks to the rest of the music. 

	Body and soul: 

Coleman Hawkins 
	Body and soul: 

Billy Holiday: 
	Body and soul: Sounds like fallout

Benny Moten 

	Moten Swing. “DA DA....DUM DUM DA DA...DUM DUM” 

	Jumping at the woodside. Starts stogatto scales. 

	Flight of the foo birds. 

Chick webb: 
	Harlem Congo - Really fast. 

Glenn Miller: 
	In the mood: More smooth. Less complicated. Soft. 

International sweethearts of rhythm: 

	V-Vigor: Listen for a saxophone soloist. 

Woody herman: 

	Four brothers. 

Stan Kenton: 

	Malaguena - Evil shit

Basie and Lester Young: 

	Shoe shine - fuck ton of piano

Ben webster: 

	lover come back to me: very airy 

Jango reynhart: 
	Tiger rag 

Nat King Cole: 

	Straighten flyright 

	Embraceable you

Ella Fitzgerald: 

	You’d be so nice to come home to 

Desi galebski: 

	Grooven high: squeaky 

	Salt peanuts 

Charlie Parker: 
	Now’s the time: slower tune 

	coco: fast with a sax and a trumpet 

	Night in tunesia: exotic sounding. 

Fats nevaro: 

	Good bait: Crackle 

	Monteca: Squeaky and shit. 

Matchito: Freezlandia 

	spanish singing 

tito puente: