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The first piece, Brydlike, really seemed to feature the tenor sax player. At the beginning of the piece, there was a great silence for him by the other instruments so that he could really be heard. The tenor sax rose a few octaves and then finally all the band rejoined. After this point the drums and the other instruments would alternate in solos, so the drums were handing off the stage to each of the instruments (for example, there was a brief guitar solo that went back to the drums). The second piece, it might as well be spring, was also a very good one which highlighted a singer. Unlike the previous concerts I had been to, this singer scatted some of the lyrics. There was a lot of vocal repeat in the song, mainly repeating the song title over and over with interspersed scat singing.

In the future piece, Ceora, the instruments seemed to move together. This mainly applies to the saxes. The bass seemed to pick at the notes that the piano was playing; it would play staccato notes in between or immediately after the piano played a note. The final song featured a great electric guitar solo but also had in it the bass using a bow, which gave the piece a classical feel as well as modern due to the electric guitar. “You look good to me” provided a great mix of typical styles and genres. The tenor sax once again enjoyed a long solo, and the other instruments played in the background. The bass was especially prominent in this piece due to the bow, which gave the piece an pleasant legato overtone that wasn’t in the other pieces.