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The concert began with the piece: “Humpty Dumpty - Chick Corea”, which started with a bassist solo. The bassist was backed very lightly by the piano and drums until the drums took the stage with two solos with the band playing together in between. The entire piece was generally very fast paced but varied between a fast and slow tempo. For the next piece, the bass and piano played together at the start. The bass seems to offer the entire band structure. That is, something to base (no pun intended) their playing around. Throughout this piece, the bass and the piano play the same melody multiple times, which provided good contrast. Toward the end, there was a repeated riff during which all instruments played together. The third piece started off very slowly which allowed the bass to stand out very well. There was a long bass solo and during the entire piece there seemed to be a sense of falling and rising (both in pitch and melody). The piece finished off with a bass solo. The fourth song began with a tenor player. The tenor played the melody of this piece and the piano and the tenor seemed to complement each other (one would fill in when the other ended). There was a drum solo at the end and the tenor played with the piano. The fifth song had a singer speaking Portuguese and the entire beginning was very legato and the piano played the melody. The drums played on the offbeats of the piano. Singer pauses and then returns in english. Singer sings an octave higher when returning in english. The piano repeats itself at the end. On the 6th piece, the drums start out and repeat. The piano and bass join in simultaneously and the bass plays staccato. This song ends with the band playing three chords together. The 7th piece features a trumpet player. The piano starts off with the petal and there’s a lot of repeat in this piece. The last piece has all the instruments together at the start with a long drum solo.