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The first piece played was very repetitive in melody and feel: the drums were always being played in a sort of rolling motion that could be sensed throughout the entire song. The bass consistently and predictably walked up and down a scale. This consistent backbone to the piece allowed for a variety of solos, including a guitar solo, trumpet solo, and a long tenor sax solo. All of these solos were consecutive. The bass even got featured with a solo during which all the other instruments quitted down to accompany its inability to produce a large amplitude. The drums occasionally snagged a solo. There was a great harmony in the chorus between the saxes and trumpet and this harmony was very noticeable at the end of the piece. The penultimate song was also one that stood out: the flute played the melody while the guitar and bass escalate and fall together. Interesting the flute only played the melody and was silent when the melody wasn’t present; it provided no support to the rest of the instruments when they were playing. The final piece before intermission provided a structure that was very different from the other pieces. Unusually, the song began with a drum solo and the trumpet joined in soon with a repeated sequence. The bass and piano played together and jumped between two notes (seemed to be the same note just at a different octave) together. A great tenor sax solo but the piano seemed to lack variety. The bass and drums handed off solos to each other and the end and the song ended in a tapering out with the sax lightly blowing and the trumpet playing the same riff it did at the beginning in the piece.