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Things to look into more:

The Long Telegram and Telegram to Moscow

Textbook: pages 4-6 have stuff about Communism as an ideology.


Page 60 - 63 and TOP OF PAGE 64 is about Stalinism which could get an idea of what an attempt of communism would look like and why it was that it’s unachievable

Underlined on page 65 is perhaps why nationalism can’t exist under communism.

Page 154 and 155 is about Khrushchev and how he tried to destalinize Russia. You can use this drastic change to suggest that communism attempts result in a dictatorship or tyranny because there can exist such a drastic difference between consecutive leaders.

Skim through 155-159 for things.

top of page 159 talks about the domestic conditions of Russia. For the existence of nationalism, you need a supporting body for the government. To the people, government and country are synonymous. Government handles how the geography of the country is treated, how the resources are managed, how the people are organized. The government is the head and the country is the body.

Middle of page 163, couldn’t fight the cold war and have a worker’s paradise.

Top of page 253 talks about the rise of communism as caused by nationalist resentment of the united states. It’s almost as if communism needed an enemy in order to rise up.

Second paragraph of 255 talks about the communists views on the US

top of page 256 talks about Guatemala and the rise of communism in that counttry.

COUNTER EVIDINCE FOR COMMUNISM BEING BAD: Page 138, China’s economic success.