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1815 Congress of Vienna

Rulers of Europe attempting to repair damage of French Revolution & Napoleon. 

Conservative Conference.
-Fighting to preserve
European Monarchies & redraw borders. 

19th Century (1815 - 1914) 

Old order of Europe is stretched & ripped apart. 

Forces of 1800s 

	Industrial Revolution 
Starts in England late 1700

Watts  Steam Engine

Spreads to Europe 
	By 1830’s takes
	Hold in western europe. 

Industrial revolution causes Social Ills. 
	In response - people turn to democracy and socialism which leads to the revolutions of 1848. Failed Show the old order is breaking. 

	Colonialism, control of trade, spreads through Military Force. 

1854 - Japan ends isolationism 
1857 - Sepoy Mutiny
1853 - 1856 Crimean War
1885 - Congress of Berlin

Early 1800s, Latin America countries. Gain independence from Spain.

1853 - 1856 Crimean War    Only significant war in 1800’s, first war to use trench warfare. 

1854 - Japan ends isolationism commander perry sails into tokyo bay harbor. Begins rapid modernization of Japan, 

2 Opium wars. 
1839 - 1842. 
1856 - 1860. 

Qing Dynasty v Britain 

Over trading rights 

Results = Britain gains control of China 

1861 - Italian Unification
1870 - Franco - Prussian War
1871 - Unification of Germany

1885 Congress of Berlin Europe divides up 

Africa - 
Official colonization by britain, france, belgium, portugal, germany, italy.