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War of religion, started at 1517 (Protestant reformation) 
Scientific revolution continues, Galileo & newton. 

Exploration, 1607 - First permanent british colony in north america is established at Jamestown
Tokugawa shogunate (1603 - 1868) 
	Established in Japan. 

Make official isolationist policy not to trade with Europeans. 

Ottoman Empire is still powerful, their decline is near. 

Qing invade China from manchuria - overthrow Ming Dynasty 1644 -1911 

Absolutism in France, Louis XIV. 

30 years war, spills into all of western & central europe. 

English Civil war, (1642 - 1651) 1642, got rid of monarch (the kings), then the prime minister disbanded the parliament. 

1688 - Glorious Revolution, the parliament is considered to be above the king. Over time they started to slide into a democracy, having people vote for the parliament. 

Catholic kings would prosecute Protestants, and vice versa. The prosecuted would travel to the america colonies populating the americas.