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Northern Renaissance 
Age of exploration 
Cortez: 1519 
Pizzaro: 1531

Spanish set up colonies in americas 

1518 - Atlantic slave trade begins 

Colonialism Begins

1517 - Protestant Reformation 

Renaissance      +     Exploration					Protestant Reformation
Classical Ideas	    New Ideas			       Freedom from Catholic Church
Math			    (Science, math, medicine, astronomy)

ALL = Scientific Revolution 

	1500s + 1600s 

English, Dutch, French begin to explore in north amrerica, india, south east asia, pacific islands. Portuguese clash with the ottomans in indian oceans. 

1588 - spanish armada defeated by British

Songhai, benin - trade slaves for guns ( and other things) with the europeans.

China restricts europeans to trading on coast. 

Japan is still going through their feudal period. Not trading with europeans.