I absolutely love Wirecutter, and still highly recommend them, but on something like a 4k monitor I figured they would have done a more thorough look at the options. This just felt like they compared these monitors on paper without actually using the damn things. I decided to write a comment on their post.

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We're a small software company and purchased both the top (Dell U2720Q) and second pick (HP Z27) to compare them. I was expecting it to be close, but within about 10 minutes it was clear we were returning the Dell and getting a second HP.

The first thing that I'm astounded Wirecutter didn't mention: you can not do 4k 60Hz over USB-C on the Dell U2720Q monitor, at least without significant tweaking. I figured, given Wirecutter specifically mentions the 15 and 16 inch Macbook Pros (which only sport USB-C ports, mind you), that this would have been a well-tested configuration. We've tried a several display setting changes: adjusting the refresh rate on the Mac, changing response time on the monitor, and adjusting the display HDR setting that some forum goers recommended, but alas this monitor clearly is clearly still refreshing at sub-60Hz.

Even if we were to figure out the refresh rate on the Dell monitor, I'd still advise against the Dell over the HP. The HP slides and spins silently as you adjust it to your liking; the Dell creaks like old wooden floorboards. The build quality is more of a $100-$200 monitor than a $500 monitor, at least if HP has anything to say.

Another thing that stood out within a couple minutes, but certainly wouldn't bother someone on a day to day basis past set-up: the buttons on the Dell are designed for ants. Even those in the office with small fingers have difficulty exerting enough force over such a small area to actuate the button. It hurts, like actually induces pain, to use them for more than a couple presses (something you'll have to do if you want to get it working with your Macbook Pro).

Yes, the bezels are thinner. Yes, it does go watts passthrough charging as apposed to the 60 watts offered by the HP. But it still has an outdated Dell logo on that tiny bottom bezel, and comes plenty of costly downsides. Go HP or go home.