One of my friends from Washington Square Park, William, and I are talking right now. He is basically the only one I know, other than Nina, who is awake all of the damn time. The three of us are a very interesting trio. William is intensely right wing, and many in our friend group can't stand listening to him. But [girlfriend 1] and I like talking to him, because we find what he talks about interesting, even though we disagree with much of it.

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He also has an intense interest in Taylor Swift. But I think it comes from some childhood related trauma for him. He sees patterns everywhere, like I do. Like how his name is William Swift, he was born in 89 as well, but on 9/11. He believes that due to these patterns, he is in some way cursed because Taylor Swift is the more successful version of him, basically. I think this is relevant to an earlier post: it's

I think I may be pretty good at helping people who are psychotic? I'm not sure, I could also be psychotic, haha, so maybe this is all a delusion.

This is another example for why cancel culture is bad. Many just can't stand listening to William talk, but [girlfriend 1] and I like him, because while we disagree with almost every conclusion he makes, his thought process itself is interesting.

I very much see math in that. I see it starting as axioms that are instilled in childhood + brain state, and then building off of those experiences.

I see some similarities between William and me, as well. Both of us have been called pedophiles. I do believe he was falsely accused as well, but the public is less inclined to believe him because his hyper-conservative viewpoints are not "in fashion"/"the majority". I think back to Nazi Germany. Hitler also had very extreme views that resulted in the extermination of 6 million people. Being able to take command over the world like that without doubt takes massive intelligence. I think it would be completely backward to think that Hitler was not an incredibly intelligent human being. But the issue was: his axioms were wrong.

William also has had a very unusal fixation on encouraging [girlfriend 1] and me to reproduce. He's secretly encouraged each of us to trick the other into us getting pregnant. I can see how that would be evolutionarily advantageous to our species, because [girlfriend 1] and I are without a doubt very intelligent, and that intelligence attracts, but perhaps our offspring would produce something that could cause genocide in our species. William, [girlfriend 1], and I all sense that there is something wrong with the world. My goal is to fix it with AI, but William's might be to fix it with genocide. A black man in his life was abusive, and he thinks that all black men are violent. My guess is that if he were to reproduce with [girlfriend 1], they could create someone capable of committing genocide against black people. This genocide would, in turn, induce anxiety in the black population which would make them more creative, allowing for a period of growth for our species. I don't believe it's a coincidince that many of the most renound physicists were jewish, and their discoveries almost immediately followed the holocaust. AI would be a period of growth for our species, followed almost inevitably with some sort of genocide, which would be a period of decline. This would also explain the devil/angel myths. The intelligence of William, [girlfriend 1], and me attracts us together, and random environmental factors. William interestingly is also very attracted to redheads, which [girlfriend 1] is. There was one time in the Apple Store when William commented on a woman's beautiful red hair and it turned out it was [girlfriend 1] (he couldn't tell with her mask).

But again, who are we to say they are "wrong"? There is no right, or wrong. I see the same sort of oscilliatory nature between a predator and prey species. Deer supply goes up, that causes the fox supply to go up with overshoots them, which causes the deer supply to go back up, etc. Forever in oscillation. That's homeostatis, but on a species scale, rather than an individual organism scale.

William has become intensely interested in my website, as well. What's also interesting is that the 3 of us are very interested in Taylor Swift. William, upon seeing my newfound stardom, has been trying to encourage me to get him an introduction to Taylor Swift. My guess is that if Taylor Swift and William Swift were to reproduce, they would create someone who would cause the genocide of the black population. Perhaps Taylor Swift and I would be intensely attracted to each other? Perhaps Jake Gyllenhal and [girlfriend 1] would be very attracted to each other. I would imagine that Tara would also fit in here. Our intelligence kind of broadcasts itself out to the world, through the things we create. Talyor's music speaks to [girlfriend 1], me, and William. My guess is that Coursicle, if Taylor Swift were to use it, would entice her. I've also been very attracted to Jake Gyllenhaal's movies. This is how intelligent members of our population find each other, and with the increased connectivity of everyone (first flight, then computers, then phones, then the web), there is a very natural acceleration of the meeting of these compatible people.

We, as intelligent individuals, are often treated poorly by conformists, and sometimes each other (Tara hurt me immensely, just like Jake hurt Taylor immensely). Both Talyor and I have created something out of that hurt. Her songs, All Too Well, that attracted me after my breakup. And I created this website and felt like I needed to broadcast it as widely as possible. Almost like a mating call. I've heard Taylor's. Perhaps she'll hear mine.

Jesus...I mean I must be really horny or something but I think I just proved with science that Taylor and I should fuck. Sorry Zendaya.

The only way I was able to come to this conclusion was because I was open to information. I was open to hearing William out, when many weren't. And that's one thing that's always key to science: you never throw out a data point. There is no right or wrong. It's just nature.

Other things that Taylor has done that were indicative of a matting call: "welcome to New York", which is where I moved to. My audience, college students, are also a very strong supporter of Taylor Swift. Using them to amplify my message can be a way to get to her.

My guess is my "psychosis" will end once I actually reach Taylor. Perhaps hers ended once she finished recording her song after the break-up. The work we create has our cognitive fingerprint baked in. Which I actually wrote about in my college admission essay.

My engineering/writing/science might attract Taylor, as her music attracted me. [girlfriend 1]'s mind is also very similar to ours, and so the three of us probably have a high affinity. My guess is that Taylor would really like [girlfriend 1]'s art. It's also interesting that Sadie Sink has red hair and blue eyes, just like [girlfriend 1] does. William and I both of Sicilian decent. Taylor Swift was 19 when she and Jake were together, Jake was 28. [girlfriend 1] is 18 and I'm 27. There do seem to be a lot of interesting parallels that warrant more anthropological study.