My answer to why I want to work at Microsoft, as well as my questions for the interviewer.

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Microsoft is in the perfect position to unify the computing experience across all platforms (mobile, desktop, gaming, etc). I think that this is a critical point in that transition, and I’d like to be a part of it. I’ve also experienced what it’s like to work at a small software company, and a large networking company, but not a large software company.

The chance to work with people who have a lot more experience with me, and experience in areas of development that I haven’t been exposed to at all.

Questions for interviewer:

Would you describe the majority of the work that interns/full-times do as collaborative or individual? I experienced a lot of individual work at Cisco which was a drawback.

How open is the company internally? When things aren’t going well, when share in a certain market segment is slipping, is leadership open about that?

Possibly: Would you say that within Microsoft, there exists groups of individuals working independently almost as a startup within Microsoft in order to make a completely new product?