Trying to answer the question "Why Cisco?" while I was going through the interview process with them. I was really excited about this prospect of working at Cisco, because it would finally give me some of that brand-name recognition that I missed out on by getting rejected from every college under the sun except UNC. I could say "I work at Cisco" and people would just think "oh, he must be smart", rather than me having to prove it to them.

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Why Cisco?

so from my classes I've been getting a pretty good understanding of how computers work at the highest and lowest levels. But computers weren't seen as very valuable to the general populous until the potential of the internet arose. And that's what Cisco does: it makes networking possible. I want to learn more about how networks work, what the standards are, and all the stuff that goes on between me clicking enter in a URL and seeing a webpage appear.

I've got the software engineering down pretty well, but I'm lacking on the networking and I really want to know more.

I'd love to be able to see a computer system, like UNC's, and be able to come to some conclusions about how their network is structured. Because with that knowledge comes to power to troubleshoot.