Notes from my visit with a physician after things started to settle a bit.

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Update: the medicines seem to be working, O'Barr gave me Ativan that day that I was really starting to spiral downward. Have been stable for about 5 days now.

* Why am I coughing so much still, usually after I eat? What could be the cause? It started the day after the endoscopy. Originally I was coughing up thick mucus, now it's just a cough. 
* Could totally be the endoscopy, could last for a couple weeks. People have this. 

* The stomach and throat pain I was feeling seems to have disappeared. I've been trying to reproduce it by eating my trigger foods, but so far I haven't been able to so far.
    * Could the depression have been the cause of the pain? Yes absolutely. 
    * Could the depression have just made me hypersensitive? Yes absolutely. 
* Everyone says that I have GERD, but I really don't feel any heartburn. The pain in my throat isn't burning, it almost feels like a constricting kind of feeling.
* How much could my symptoms be due to sinus infections? Not answered.