Planning my class schedule for freshman year, prior to orientation.

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UNC Fall 2012 Planning


Take ENGL 105i in the Natural Sciences must be first year.

Foreign Language through level 3.
Level 1: 101 or 401
Level 2: 105 or 402
Level 3: 203 or 403

At least one QR course. This was met with Calculus AB

LFIT must be first year.

LFIT 130 - Soccer
LFIT 108 - Outdoor sports

I can take classes that fall under more than one of the following three

approaches - eight courses, including lab, 25 credit hours (expand on the foundation) two of, (one with lab) (PX or PL), three HS/SS, at least one of which must be HS, must be at least two different departments. One VP. One LA,. one PH.
PL - Psychology
Art 158 - Introduction to East Asian Art and Architecture - VP, BN, WB?

connections - (connect between foundations, approaches, and majors) may be up to 8 courses (CI, QI, EE, US, NA, BN, WB, GL)
QI - Calculus AB
Latin America Under Colonial Rule - HS, BN, GL, WB?
Ancient Cities - HS, NA, GL, WB?

Major classes

Math Diff-Eq
Phys 116 (mechanics) This will for fill PX as it has a lab….alternate: PHYS 104. Maybe PHYS 117
Comp 110 or 116 (116 has 231 as a prereq)