Pondering the questions that beings more intelligent than us might have asked themselves.

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It’s very probable that there is life outside of our solar system, galaxy, and even local cluster.

It’s also very probable that at least a few of those planets that are able to sustain life have hosted such organisms for a longer time and even to the point where such organisms are able to achieve even higher cognitive functioning than human beings. Their brains could be wired in a completely different way allowing them to think entirely differently.

Regardless of the probability that such an organism exists or has existed, we can still theorize or hypothesize as the answer of this question.

If there is really no purpose to life, that is, no goal can completely satisfy an organism and no ultimate reality revealed, is it not entirely possible that such a species or even genus would go extinct as a result?

Can an organism that sees no purpose in life continue to exist?

This next question can be asked in two different forms: What if you were accused of a crime but the prosecution had insufficient evidence to convict you and you and your lawyer were trying to decide how to plead. Even though you did convict the crime, how would you plead?

Another form is: What if someone else were accused of a crime and were in the same situation, how would you expect them to plead?