Dealing with intense daily nausea is one thing, having to do it while navigating the byzantine conduit that is healthcare in the United States is a whole other animal.

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1. OneMedical:
    * OneMedical Tax ID: 27 134 6767. Can ask the insurance company if it's in-network.
    * Confirmed: they're in-network, she used the tax ID and she sent the link.
    * Confirmed that the co-pay would be $25.
2. Other doctors
    * Call 10 random doctors who are in-network to see how soon they could see me to get a sense of the time before an appointment. 
3. Decide whether to sign up for OneMedical or other doctors
    * Carolyn says that One Medical takes about a week or so to see an actual doctor, can see a physician's assistant same day.
    * Carolyn says to call ahead and commit them to me seeing an MD before I sign up.
    * Completely complementary from Nisha, but limited in number. It’s only 3, and they have to renew each year. 
    * Code: OMFAMILY19!
    * Guy is really confident that we're in network. He said we should be in-network so long as my plan has out of state benefits.


1700 California St
Ste 100
San Francisco, CA 94109

15 minutes early.

fax: 415 387 5204

Doctors to Call (based on US News): 
* Gary Chan (in-network, seems good)
    * Not open for new patients until: February 25th. 
* Jerry Jew (in-network)
    * Not accepting new patients. Could call back next month.
* Michael Schrader (in-network)
    * Not available until available on February 26th.
* Patricia Galamba
    * Did not pick up.
* Konstantin Bukov
    * Not accepting any new patients. Recommended "Tsang Ming L"
* Tsang Ming L
    * Next appointment for new patient is January 29th.
* Jesse Liu (in-network, but may be a specialist for gastro)
    * Yes, they're specialists.
    * Available today at 2pm. 
    * Confirmed: in network, seems like they just use the website though. I have a Blue PPO card, which 
* Aristotle Mendiola (in-network, but may be a specialist for gastro)
    * Yes, they're just specialists.
    * Available on Wednesday January 30th.