Now that I had recovered from the anxiety, I had the energy to go into recruiting gear, trying to solicit friends to join Coursicle. Our methodology: don't hire assholes. You can train a technical person to code, but you can't teach them to be a nice person.

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Quinn Conversations:

- [ ] Dispel concerns about developer mentality etc
- [ ] Figure out what he wants to do and whether work at Coursicle is compatible 
- [ ] Exercise discipline muscle. 

Next hangout: 
- [ ] Show him some code that I like, dispel concerns about different development mentality. 
- [ ] Show him the scraping protection system we built. 

- [ ] Agreed that he could work at a small company and not be a cofounder and be happy. 

Helpful tips: 
- [ ] Do not disturb. 
- [ ] Increasing levels of procrastinating. 
- [ ] Discipline, should separate the time deciding when to do something and when to actual.