On election day, I spent most of the day walking around downtown San Francisco and talking to the homeless people I knew as well as meeting new ones. I tried to get them to the poles, because I knew nobody was focusing specifically on getting them to the poles. I believe I managed to get one or two to a poling center, but some were concerned that by filling out the ballot they would be turning themselves in for certain crimes they had committed.

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Voting is a luxury of the rich. But it doesn’t have to be. Fuck the rich. Let’s destroy them. 

For those in the upper middle class and higher, they have the luxury of not being involved because the results don't matter to them. They're deciding not to participate

What about a separation of corporate and state? Just like church and state? 

Government has lost its bite.

Ben is the name of the homeless guy who sits nearby us.
Mentioned everyone being able to see a doctor. 
Mentioned affordable housing for everyone. 
Went to every side street in a 4 block radius around the polling place. 
Every single homeless person was willing to listen to me, and almost all of them were polite. 
One guy said that he liked living on the street.
I offered to take them to the polling place just a couple blocks away. 
None of them knew that today was an election day. 
About a third of them basically just said they'd do it later (almost certainly to get me to stop talking to them).
There were 3 people on the same side street of the entrance of the polling place.
Most of them made sustained eye contact, something that you find so rarely in people.
One said that he had gotten arrested near a voting place for knocking some stuff over.
Nearly all of them were men. 
I gave $5 to a homeless man who said he voted for Trump. He seemed to know the most of all the people I talked to.
Many of them said that they don't do the voting thing. 
Some of these people had the most beautiful blue eyes I've ever seen. 

Homeless people can register using cross streets, or the address of a local shelter. 

Californians can also conditionally register on the same day they cast a provisional ballot in person. Voters don’t need an ID to register; just the last four digits of their Social Security number. And if they’ve forgotten it, a county elections official will assign them a number that identifies them as a voter, according to California’s Secretary of State website.