Now that I had decided I was going to try to work on Coursicle full-time after graduation, we had to make money from the damn thing.

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What we have 
* Student attention during March and November 
* Information about students
    * Their major 
    * Region (South, Northeast, etc) 
    * Classes they’re interested in 
    * Times they are free 
    * What textbooks they’ll need 
* Up-to-date data on courses for a lot of universities
* Classes that are in high demand (Class Checker) 
* Data analytics on courses 

How we can make money from it 
* Targeting Advertising
    * LSAT/MCAT prep books (GRE) 
    * Tutoring services 
    * Advertising for and similar 
    * Dorm appliances/decorations
    * Facebook ads
    * Jobs/recruiting 
    * Housing (sublets)
    * Books related to a class they’re in, not necessarily textbooks. 
    * College-targeted apps/products (lots of brands want to target college students)
    * Campus representative positions 
    * The brands that are looking for campus representatives 
* Pay for use 
    * One-time $5 for all four years 
    * Freemium/premium model (pay for Q-scores). Instead of paying, you could submit reviews.
    * Subscription model (pay by semester)
    * Rollout (completely free for first semester use, then paywall or freemium/premium) 
* Sell Our Data Model 
    * Sell student info to advertisers (to enhance their targeted advertising)
        * Such as student major, etc.
    * Sell data analytics to universities 
* Sister-service which uses our existing data for school comparison for college bound high school students/parents. (Pay for use).