I knew that if Tara moved to Chicago for her job, then I'd have to move there too. We were just about to finish 4 years of long distance all throughout college (we were the only ones we knew who made it), and there was no way I was going to prolong things another year just because I wanted to live in NY.

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	Interested: BlueLine Labs.
	Not super interested: eSpark Learning, ParkWiz, Albert.io, M1 Finance, curiosity.com, openHanger

Their site: 
	eSpark (resume drop)				

Time difference: if I worked remotely for California, then I'd be working two hours after you're done working. If I worked for New York, would have to wake up an hour earlier. These time problems make me wonder if I want remote.

Your sister will be in New York for those two years. She will likely benefit from you being in the city. Auntie Toni talked about how it'd be good.

My mom saying that if I find a job not in Chicago, that we should just commute because it's just a year.

You remote: is there a way you can work remotely if needed? No way you can get into the New York office?

I don't want to live in NY my entire life either, but I do think that it would be good for me to start somewhere familiar because I have never lived away from home

Getting really lonely being alone all day every day, nervous about that starting out.

I've been waking up in the middle of the night. Sleeping during the day. Feeling depressed.

Google's Chicago office is primarily sales and the tech works on search ads and infrastructure.

Similar to TGG:

fehr advice
Irrational labs (San fran, Dan ariely)
(in case law still interesting): https://www.cornerstone.com/The-Firm/About-Us
Related: MDRC, https://civisanalytics.com/ (chicago, DC), http://www.sagaraconsulting.com/ (NC),
http://www.claritycampaigns.com/ (DC), http://www.bluelabs.com (DC though), http://www.air.org/about-us, Beworks (canada)	

PacketSled - California

Risk I/O - Chicago

Recorded future - boston

Of the cyber security startups on Angelist, 2 were in Chicago. Lots in Boston actually.

The only 3 software jobs in Chicago through UNC were about trading.

SimpleRelevance - Chicago. Not as interesting but UNC