The conventional wisdom was to go with the Thuma, but I didn't like the fact that the headboard wasn't attached, and there wasn't anything design-wise that was particularly calling me to the Thuma anyway.

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* Huge clearance, can fit anything. 
* Looks pretty nice. 
* Has cushion back. 

* Headboard is not attached to bed, low flexibility. 
* Don't feel passionate about it, and why would you pay premium for something you're not passionate about. 


* Looks like a nicer bed frame 
* Has cushion back 
* Back is attached, can move freely. 
* Huge discount, $400 for a $900 item (would cost $1100)

* Clearance is too low. Would basically have to put it on risers. That said, one riser will definitely be blocked from view. If could block the other one, then that's perfect.