Some thoughts I jotted down after living in SF for a year.

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It's not really what I expected, at least who I'm around.

Basically, the people who are out here are often too caught up in startup theatre. It's not like Paul Graham described when he was in Cambridge, just doing everything to save money and working in a tiny apartment and trying to get things done.

One good thing is the public open spaces, we wouldn't really get that elsewhere. That's been a huge benefit. But could probably do coffee shops in other cities.

The fires really can be bad. The smoke gives me headaches, and it lasts for weeks. It's just not good to live in.

There is so little diversity in this city. Basically it's only white and Asian people, and the attitude toward homeless people is pretty bad as well.


Maybe this is just representative of most of start-up people anywhere, but it at least doesn't seem to have much special going for it.