Per the suggestion of the chef at Fellow, I went to Gjelina while I was in LA. It was nowhere near as impressive as Fellow. Quite a disappointment.

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- [ ] Very simple. Just came in asked about a prix fix menu. Insisted they ask. Then manager came out and made it happen essentially. Asked where I was from, I just said New York, lol.
- [ ] Too much parsley on the first dish. Too overwhelming, but much better than than the cucumber salad. 
- [ ] Flatware was uninspiring. 
- [ ] Cucumber was almost inedible. Over garnished. The size of the cucumber is just way too big, it’s not something that’s easy to fit in your mouth with one bite, but it’s also not clear how you can eat it in pieces. They took the cucumber and asked “not a fan” and I said “yeah, not a fan” 
- [ ] Uninspired water glasses. Mixed and matched water pouring. 
- [ ] Halibut was phenomenal. 
- [ ] Potatoes were some of the best I’ve ever had. Almost made potatoes my favorite starch. 
- [ ] The pizza was too tip heavy. As soon as you lift it up, everything falls off completely. Just embarrassing really. C+