Some thoughts about life as I approached graduating college and had to figure out how to support myself financially.

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What are you working for right out of college? 
	-Coursicle, we’re staying in NC and working on Coursicle. 

I want to start a startup. 
	-What’s the closest startup you have to getting off the ground? 
			-Is it ready? 
				-It needs more months for us to be able to determine that. 
					-Give it those months, and if it’s ready, go for it. If it’s not ready, continue working on it or try something else. 

What if what I want is to take a risk, and work on a startup right out of school? 
	- Doesn’t it make more sense to start with something in a safe setting and make the jump when you and Tara think it’s ready? 
		-Well, maybe the desperation of working on it full-time is what it needs to get ready? 
			-Well, you’ll actually be working on it full-time for a summer trying to give it the best shot, so really you’re working on Coursicle right out of college. 

What if I’m too old by the time we’re ready to start something? 
	-24 isn’t too old. 

Would fame really make you happy? 
	- Don’t you ultimately want to share it with Tara? Isn’t it worth nothing without her? 

What do you want to do? 
	- I want to work on projects, preferably with Tara. Ideally, these projects would support us.