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Why I’m a bit sad right now:

Indian family not really accepting me

The college stuff with mom, like talking about it like it’s all that matters which makes me feel like that’s the case

Checking email and group me all the time. Going through emails even though I’m sitting right next to you.

It’s something I can’t help but notice because I’m your boyfriend so I have an interest in your body. Your sister brought it up today. I feel like I need to tell you because it’s been on my mind, and I think telling you would help ease that. Being concerned that your body type is changing to something else. Just not used to it. Not your fault, just not been exercising like in high school.

On one hand I don’t care about it at all, because I care about what it’s like to be with you and to live with you and to spend time with you and to talk to you. And those things are more important to me overall. And it’s that part of me that doesn’t want you to change any of your habits, at all (and that’s ultimately how I feel).