Within a week or two of starting my internship at Cisco, I was bored out of my mind. The project they put me on was so uninspiring that I just couldn't work on it. I asked my manager if I could work on something else. To his (and everyone at Cisco's credit), they wanted me to have a good internship experience first and foremost, and so they let me pick my project. I will always appreciate that they let me do that.

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What are my other options for work? What else can I do/do you have planned for me to do? We talked about me trying out a few of the areas I’d be interested in like SDN and Big Data, so could I look at Big Data? Also what about Internet of Everything and maybe how Big Data or SDN play into it? Can I try out that?

The other thing I would like is to have some collaboration. I’m trying to work with more people. Sitting in on meetings, etc. Should I move to building 6?