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Preparation (old computer):
	•	Backup computer 
	•	Run CleanMyMac.
	•	Clean desktop, empty trash, and downloads.
	•	Go through and clean homefolder.
	•	Clean out “Extra Applications” folder.
	•	Export better touch tool gestures, store it in ~/Documents/Home/Mac/preferences
	•	Record the custom Keyboard commands you’ve set in the keyboard pref pane (if different what's in prefs folder)
	•	Save the current sublime settings (if different than what's in prefs folder)
	•	Export the UBlock origin settings and store it in ~/Documents/Home/Mac/preferences/individualAppPreferences/ublock
	•	Export the Carbon Copy Cloner tasks and screenshot settings that have changed and store in ~/Documents/Home/Mac/preferences/individualAppPreferences/allTasks.ccctask
	•	Remove the firmware password
	•	Securely erase it with:
	⁃	Booting into Recovery Mode (cmd + R, entering in firmware password)
	⁃	First, delete any Bootcamp or other partitions, so that it's only Macintosh HD.
	⁃	Then get the entire disk name by doing diskutil list. Should be like disk0 or something.
	⁃	Normal:
	⁃	Just do diskutil secureErase 2 [diskname], which is a 7 pass zero erase, and should take around 45 minutes (on a 512gb SSD). This is usually disk2 now in APFS. 
	⁃	Then, go into Disk Utility and erase the drive as "Macintosh HD", it will create a little sub-partition of Macintosh HD, restoring its original state.
	⁃	Then, install OS X.
	⁃	Paranoid:
	⁃	Then, override the volume 2 times random data:
	⁃	diskutil randomDisk 2 [diskname]
	⁃	Then, erase the drive with Disk Utility since it'll show up as completely full after the random
	⁃	Then, install OS X, make a really good user password, and turn on FileVault. (the user password is used for the drive encryption). No need to unencrypt because we're zero'ing out anyway.
	⁃	Reboot to get FileVault to finish encrypting
	⁃	Then, override the entire thing 35 times with zeros:
	⁃	diskutil secureErase 3 [diskname]

New Mac Carbon Copy Cloner Restore process: 
	•	Sign into iCloud
	•	Sign into Dropbox
	•	Sign into Spark
	•	Enable touch ID
	•	Go to 1Password and turn on "allow touch to unlock"
	•	Turn on FileVault
	•	Turn on the firmware password
	•	Turn strictest Boot Security settings (don't allow booting from external drive)

Keyboard replacement process: 
	•	Use a drone blade to pry off the keys. Super thin.
	•	Pull from the bottom so the two snaps disengage. Then jiggle the key lightly to get the tops disengaged. 
	•	To put back on, push the key all the way up against the top rim, really pressed up against the top. Then slowly apply pressure down increasingly, such that there's a snap or two snaps about 5-10 seconds after you start pressing, it should be that gradual. The key will engage perfectly. Because the two snaps at the top actually kind of slide down and around the nobs at the top, so you want it sliding from the north to the south of the key slot, not from the south to the north.

When Better Touch Tool doesn't override the Touch Bar: 
	•	Make sure Touch Bars Shows is "App Controls" and "Show Control Strip" is checked in the Keyboard preference pane.
	•	Go to BTT, disable TouchBar support. Restart BTT. 
	•	Open BTT. enable TouchBar support. Restart BTT.

New Mac Startup process:
	•	Change layout to Dvorak
	•	Sign in with Apple ID (even if doing manual transfer)
	•	Set up account
	⁃	Joe Puccio
	⁃	pooch
	⁃	Set password to comp pass.
	⁃	Don't allow Apple ID to reset pass
	•	Decide whether to do Migration Assistant, Carbon Copy Clone, or Manual Setup:
	⁃	Really wouldn't recommend Migration Assistant. It most recently took 7 hours in an Apple Store to do, with Thunderbolt 3 connection. Moreover, it missed very small things, like screen saver preference, and widgets in "Today" view, re-register Sublime Text, etc. I think it's reasonable to trust it with all of the big stuff, like everything in Documents, etc. You'll have to do some enabling of lower level sys modifications, like Karabiner, cDock, etc. So there is a bit of setup you have to do with this route anyway.
	⁃	Carbon Copy Clone may be better, since it'll get everything, basically, but if the machines' hardware are very different, you may run into issues with the way certain apps work/are installed, so that's something to be considered. Haven't actually done this yet.
	⁃	Manual Setup is the most time consuming, but this guide handles it pretty well, and you can be sure all the important stuff is done. Basically it takes a lot of time, but has the benefits of everything working perfectly as you want it with none of the drawbacks (incompatible hardware related things).
	•	Setup iCloud keychain later (never)
	•	Customize settings (instead of express)
	⁃	Enable location services
	⁃	Share all analytics data
	⁃	Don't allow ask Siri (unless you want it now)
	⁃	Don't store files and documents in iCloud drive
	•	Turn on FlieVault disk Encryption
	⁃	DON'T allow iCloud account to unlock your disk
	⁃	(optional, honestly better not to save it) Store file vault recovery key in 1Password (you can override the existing, since it saves old ones).
	•	Set up Touch ID
	•	Don't set up Apple Pay

Direct transfers: 
	•	To do this, plug in both via Thunderbolt 3 cable
	⁃	Network, Create thunderbolt bridge on both machine if not already created (system prefs)
	⁃	Turn on File Sharing on the new Mac
	⁃	Then on the old Mac, do a connect to server in Finder and connect to that IP (the self assigned)
	•	Contents of “Documents” folder, including Dropbox (makes 1Password setup way easier).
	•	Contents of Movies folder
	•	Contents of Music folder
	•	Contents of Pictures folder
	•	Contents of Desktop, if any
	•	Extra Applications folder (except Chrome).

Get passwords on new computer:
	•	Open 1Password, and direct it to the vault in Dropbox.
	•	Sign into my 1Password account
	⁃	Search for “emergency kit” in 1Password, to auto enter all the details.
	•	Now you have all the passwords you need for set up (both those in the Primary vault, as well as the Account)
	•	Open Dropbox and make sure that it’s syncing to the Documents folder, not the home folder (you may need to go to advanced settings).

Fresh installs: 
	•	Chrome (place in Extra Applications)
	•	Karabiner-Elements (place in Extra Applications)
	⁃	Run `mkdir ~/.config && ~/.config/karabiner/`
	⁃	Run `cp /Users/pooch/Documents/Home/Mac/preferences/karabiner.json ~/.config/karabiner/karabiner.json`
	⁃	switch caps lock to delete
	⁃ 	Change the f6 key to map to f6 instead of the brightness indicator, this will keep it as Do not Disturb, which is very helpful. 
	⁃	Remap the arrow keys to be i, j, k, l on qwerty (with right command), so you don't have to move your hands 
	⁃	Make left + right shift act as caps lock
	⁃	Change the key repeat to 33 milliseconds. 
	⁃	[deprecated] Note: to get command option esc working with Touchbar, you have to have the "no product name" selected in "modify events from this device". This will disable the extra buttons in the expanded bar, though. 
	⁃	In Karabiner, change the delay until key repeat to 700ms. 
	⁃	To allow remap to work well, in preferences, go to keyboard, modifier keys, then set caps lock to “no action”. 
	•	XCode (download from App Store)
	•	Torrent Microsoft Office (install and place in Extra Applications)
	•	iWork (if necessary, current install may work fine)
	⁃	Download the Trial (should be able to find online somewhere, typically softpedia or whatever)
	⁃	Use Serial: 93G9-PE44-KRJE-QANS-EK5F-5S2
	⁃	Install 9.3 update for Retina support:
	⁃	Put the iWork folder in "Extra Applications"
	•	iStat menus serial: 5711-4725-4415-3912-7923

Basic things to do:
	•	Change screen resolution to more space (optional on newer Macs, since they have good space on the default and it’s crisper)
	•	Match dock ordering (see prefs)
	•	Match menu bar items (see prefs)
	•	Move spotlight to top right
	•	Set a good admin password (should have been done in setup)
	•	(only after a good admin password) Turn on FileVault (should have been done in setup)
	⁃	Once FileVault is on, run the following (specific background in the contingency plans file):
	⁃	[only if high security] sudo pmset -a hibernatemode 3
	⁃	[only if high security] sudo pmset -a standbydelay 600
	⁃	[only if high security]  Run pmset -g to check that both of this have been instituted. An SMC then a PRAM reset may be necessary to get it to work (plus a couple reboots).
	•	Change 1Password settings
	⁃	Make sure all preferences are synced between old comp and new comp (or match against screenshots)
	⁃	Most importantly: make sure show 1Password mini shortcut is matched
	⁃	Make sure fill Login on current web page is matched
	⁃	On 1Password mini, have it search all fields so that things in the note will get caught
	•	Open BetterTouchTool and import gestures (from prefs folder)
	⁃	Go to advanced settings and match everything with old computer
	⁃	Namely, not restoring old window size, not animating preview, launching on startup
	⁃	If computer is very new, may want to check for alpha updates for full support. 
	⁃	Set the tracking speed of the trackpad to "6" (potentially)
	⁃	Mission control is Sierra follows the gesture, so it’s as fast as you do it. Can make it instant by having better touch tool mission control trigger it with four fingers and disable in trackpad settings. 
	⁃	Make sure that pinch out makes a new finder window, not tab
	⁃	Touch Bar
	⁃	sudo gem install iStats
	⁃	Import the relevant preference from the preferences folder under (Touch Bar)
	•	Open spectacle and match settings (see prefs)
	⁃	Also be sure to to make it a background application.
	⁃	It seems like it gets turned off during transfers often, so it's important to make sure it's on.
	•	System Preferences:
	⁃	Just check the screenshots taken in the prefs. If that doesn't work:
	⁃	Desktop and Screensaver: choose a nice background and download the “Ariel” package for a screensaver. This is also a great place to find backgrounds:
	⁃	Trackpad: Match all checkmarks, change click feedback to firm. (especially: max track speed, tap to click). Also, very sneaky, be sure to uncheck "smart zoom", because otherwise tapping with two fingers only brings up the right click after a delay "like 1 second" which is really annoying for right clicking. 
	⁃	iCloud: match all checkmarks. Keep iCloud keychain off. 
	⁃	Keyboard: match all checkmarks and set the shortcuts below. Turn off toucher typing suggestions. Make sure that smart quotes and dashes is off, and set set the double quotes and single quotes to be " and '. All other shortcuts that exits by default should be fine.
	⁃	Internet Accounts: Enable all mail accounts (make sure the name is entered in correctly for each account, by going to “details”).
	⁃	Apple Pay: Add the credit card
	⁃	App Store: Turn off Automatic check for updates
	⁃	Extensions: Match “today” view, and the “Share Menu”, keeping in mind the touch bar.
	⁃	Security & Privacy: Match all checkmarks. Quit system prefs, then run "sudo spctl --master-disable", and then reopen. That should allow apps downloaded from anywhere to be run without right clicking.
	⁃	Should require password immediately after screensaver, that way we can have the screensaver accessible via a button on the touchbar.
	⁃	Energy saver: Match all
	⁃	Siri: Turn off the shortcut
	⁃	Mission control: match all
	⁃	General: change default browser to Chrome 
	⁃	Spotlight: definitely uncheck "spotlight suggestions" which are websites and such, and uncheck bookmarks and history
	⁃	Sharing: change name to Little-Bro-Peep
	⁃	Accessibility: match all settings, especially trackpad options in mouse & trackpad (changing the scroll speed)
	⁃	Users & Groups: enable Guest User and turn off automatic login. 
	•	Finder: 
	⁃	Turn off “open folders in tabs instead of windows” in Finder 
	⁃	Sidebar: Add everything except “hard disks, all my files, and iCloud drive.”
	⁃	Change: “When performing a search” to “search the current folder”. 
	⁃	Change: new finder windows show “Pooch” instead of “all my files.”
	⁃	Hide the tags from being displayed
	⁃	Right click on the downloads stack and change the sorting to "date added" (optional: and set the view to "grid")
	⁃	Right click on desktop and set the icon size to 56x56
	⁃	Match the toolbar of the finder windows
	•	iMessage
	⁃	Change sound to Bamboo
	⁃	Turn on saving history when closing conversation.
	⁃	Match other settings, like read receipts. 
	⁃	Potentially turn off "play sound effects"
	⁃	Get rid of the quotes issue. Go to "Edit", "Substitutions", uncheck smart quotes and smart dashes
	•	Mail:
	⁃	General, uncheck “trash” in searching all mailboxes.
	⁃	Check for new mail should be “automatically”
	⁃	Keep enable junk mail filtering off.
	⁃	Turn on “when sending to a group, show all member addresses”
	⁃	Viewing: “show most recent messages at the top” should be on. 
	⁃	Composing: change to "Include all of the original message text". Change to default new messages from
	⁃	Add signature for Coursicle account
	⁃	Customize the toolbar (replace flag with unread/read)
	•	Activity Monitor:
	⁃	Update frequency to 1 sec
	•	TextEdit:
	⁃	Hide ruler on new document
	⁃	Get rid of the quotes issue. Go to "Edit", "Substitutions", uncheck smart quotes and smart dashes
	⁃	Turn off "smart quotes and dashes in rich text documents only"
	⁃	Turn on "display HTML files as HTML code" 
	•	Calendar:
	⁃	Go to settings, general, and set the default calendar to most likely-to-be-booking calendar
	⁃	Only check-mark the following calendars: "Joe", "Coursicle", and "Soccer", if applicable. 
	•	Terminal:
	⁃	Import the terminal settings (in prefs folder). 
	⁃	Go to profiles and make the imported terminalSettings the default
	⁃	Match all settings in General. Specifically, new windows and tabs opening with “Default Profile”, and windows with “Default Working directory” and tabs with “same working directory”
	⁃	Make sure "show tab bar" is off, so that a single window with 0 tabs looks really good.
	•	Chrome:
	⁃	Sign into the account, which will add back all extensions. 
	⁃	Right click on the bookmarks bar and turn it off. 
	⁃	Right click on each extension icon and press “hide button”
	⁃	Currently using one of the extensions to make the new tab on Chrome, Dark New Tab, completely blank (much better than noise/having something take time to load)
	⁃	Make sure that in settings there is no autofilling or saving of password (should have carried over). 1Password will do that. 
	⁃	See if there's any new way of speeding up the scroll on Chrome? It's not as smooth as Safari.
	⁃	Using UBlock Origin, 
	⁃	Import the saved file from the preferences (inside individualAppPreferences)
	⁃	Disable two finger back on Chrome: defaults write AppleEnableSwipeNavigateWithScrolls -bool FALSE
	•	Xcode: 
	⁃	Enable line numbers in preferences
	⁃	Optionally turn off word wrap in preferences ("Text Editing", then "display")
	⁃	On any projects that you want to be able to load without error, if there are errors:
	⁃	Make sure cocoa pods is installed (sudo gem install cocoapods)
	⁃	Then go to the directory and run pod install. 
	⁃	Then open the workspace
	⁃	Will want to log into the developer account 
	⁃	Go to the panel and deleting existing certificates (except apple push certs) and recreate a development and distribution cert, possibly.
	•	Github Desktop:
	⁃	Go to the coursicleServerBackups folder and drag most of those into the window
	⁃	Make sure the rest are there (screenshot in prefs folder)
	⁃	Run the following in Terminal
	⁃	git config --global ""
	⁃	git config --global "Joe Puccio"
	•	Safari: 
	⁃	Go to preferences and make sure we're not doing any autofilling. Only 1Password should do that. 
	⁃	Go to advanced and make sure "show develop in menu bar" is checked
	•	Bootcamp:
	⁃	If installed bootcamp, be sure to go to system preferences and select macintosh HD as the default boot disk, otherwise will have to be entering in firmware password all the time
	•	iPhone 
	⁃	Need to sign into Dropbox first, then connect 1Password to Dropbox, then and only then can you sign into 1Password online account.
	⁃	Ensure that message previews are turned off, that way nobody can use the phone to recovery the password to any internet accounts (like Gmail), unless they can unlock the phone.
	⁃	Optionally install an AdBlocker for Safari
	⁃	May want to turn on the Bass Booster in the settings app under Music
	⁃	In "Sounds" in settings, should allow "change with buttons" for the ringer.
	⁃	Change the text tone to Bamboo.
	⁃	Turn off vibrate on silent.
	⁃	Turn off reachability 
	⁃	Turn off predictive keyboard.
	⁃	Change control center to have: flashlight, screen recording, low power mode, and camera.
	⁃	Change text size to second from bottom
	⁃	Turn off all Siri suggestions (in search, etc).
	⁃	Allow auto-fill passwords only from 1Password.
	⁃	Turn off iCloud Keychain.
	⁃	Change default calendar to current work.
	⁃	Turn on "send as SMS"
	⁃	Change send/receive in iMessage to be only phone number.
	⁃	Change FaceTime to be only phone number.
	⁃	Turn off Safari Autofill?
	⁃	Turn off iCloud Photos
	⁃	Change camera to be 1080p at 60fps default video
	⁃	When HDR is on, turn off saving normal photo.
	⁃	Turn off signatures in Outlook, change to appropriate sigs.
	•	iTunes
	⁃	Encrypt iPhone backups (this should carry over even with new computer, though, since the password/etc is stored on the iPhone apparently)
	⁃	May want to turn on the Bass Booster in the equalizer. 
	•	Time Machine
	⁃	Turn on encrypted backups
	•	Packages (optional)
	⁃	sudo easy_install pip
	⁃	sudo pip install requests
	⁃	sudo pip install beautifulsoup4
	⁃	Install brew:
	⁃	Install brooklyn screen saver: brew cask install brooklyn
	⁃	Install xCode setup tools; xcode-select --install
	⁃	Install yabai (for instant desktop switching): brew install yabai; sudo yabai --load-sa
	•	Notification Center
	⁃	Today view
	⁃	Weather
	⁃	Find My Friends
	⁃	iTunes

More essentials:

Open Spotify and go to advanced settings to make it not open on login (super annoying).

Open a .py file and a .sh file and change the open with to be Sublime, not XCode
In Transmission, go to "Transfers" and "Adding" and set default location to "Desktop".

Potentially make it so that we use Google's DNS servers. This can solve some problems, and might generally be faster (although we haven't tested/researched). The issues it avoids is if you get "did you mean [your google search]" in Chrome, because their stupid DNS servers respond affirmatively to every request redirecting you to their page which probably has ads on it. It might also help if the DNS is the bottleneck somehow.

show hidden files in terminal: defaults write AppleShowAllFiles YES
then relaunch finder

for faster save dialogs:
defaults write NSGlobalDomain NSWindowResizeTime .09

Import your Preview signatures (it's stored in 1Password). Just search 1Password for "macOS Electronic Signature" and follow the instructions in the notes.

Turn off notifications for whatever Mail client you use. It's too disruptive to get all those notifications.

for faster expose transitions: 
defaults write expose-animation-duration -float 0.15

(if using Eclipse still) Remove outline thing on eclipse by going to Eclipses’ prefs, then general, then key. 

Open/Install Sublime Text 3. 

Install package control on Sublime:

Look at “How to setup SSH keys” in prefs folder and setup SSH keys for each of the servers that matter (i.e. the ones in the SFTP settings for sublime).

Import the UNC Emails and the Pooch emails into Mail so that searching Mail searches everything.

`touch ~/.zprofile` and then the following:

# aliases
alias subl="/Applications/Extra\ Applications/Sublime\"
alias projectDirectory="cd /Users/pooch/Documents/Programming/sublimeProjects/"

alias unmountWeb="umount -f /Users/pooch/Documents/Programming/coursicleWeb" 
alias mountWeb="sshfs -o defer_permissions,noapplexattr,noappledouble,volname=coursicleWeb /Users/pooch/Documents/Programming/coursicleWeb/"
alias web="mountWeb > /dev/null 2>&1 ; unmountWeb > /dev/null 2>&1 ; mountWeb; projectDirectory ; subl coursicleWeb.sublime-project"

alias unmountScrape="umount -f /Users/pooch/Documents/Programming/coursicleScrape" 
alias mountScrape="sshfs -o defer_permissions,noapplexattr,noappledouble,volname=coursicleScrape joe@[redaced]:/home/joe/repo/scrapers/ /Users/pooch/Documents/Programming/coursicleScrape/"
alias scrape="mountScrape > /dev/null 2>&1 ; unmountScrape > /dev/null 2>&1 ; mountScrape; projectDirectory ; subl coursicleScrape.sublime-project"

alias unmountNotify="umount -f /Users/pooch/Documents/Programming/coursicleNotify" 
alias mountNotify="sshfs -o defer_permissions,noapplexattr,noappledouble,volname=coursicleNotify joe@[redacted]:/home/joe/repo/ /Users/pooch/Documents/Programming/coursicleNotify/"
alias notify="mountNotify > /dev/null 2>&1 ; unmountNotify > /dev/null 2>&1 ; mountNotify; projectDirectory ; subl coursicleNotify.sublime-project"

alias unmountDatabase="umount -f /Users/pooch/Documents/Programming/coursicleDatabase" 
alias mountDatabase="sshfs -o defer_permissions,noapplexattr,noappledouble,volname=coursicleDatabase /Users/pooch/Documents/Programming/coursicleDatabase/"
alias database="mountDatabase > /dev/null 2>&1 ; unmountDatabase > /dev/null 2>&1 ; mountDatabase; projectDirectory ; subl coursicleDatabase.sublime-project"

alias unmountRoot="umount -f /Users/pooch/Documents/Programming/coursicleRoot" 
alias mountRoot="sshfs -o defer_permissions,noapplexattr,noappledouble,volname=coursicleRoot /Users/pooch/Documents/Programming/coursicleRoot/"
alias root="mountRoot > /dev/null 2>&1 ; unmountRoot > /dev/null 2>&1 ; mountRoot;  projectDirectory ; subl coursicleRoot.sublime-project"

alias unmountHome="umount -f /Users/pooch/Documents/Programming/coursicleHome" 
alias mountHome="sshfs -o defer_permissions,noapplexattr,noappledouble,volname=coursicleHome /Users/pooch/Documents/Programming/coursicleHome/"
alias home="mountHome > /dev/null 2>&1 ; unmountHome > /dev/null 2>&1 ; mountHome; projectDirectory ; subl coursicleHome.sublime-project"

alias unmountPoochWeb="umount -f /Users/pooch/Documents/Programming/poochWeb" 
alias mountPoochWeb="sshfs -o defer_permissions,noapplexattr,noappledouble,volname=poochWeb /Users/pooch/Documents/Programming/poochWeb/"
alias poochWeb="mountPoochWeb > /dev/null 2>&1 ; unmountPoochWeb > /dev/null 2>&1 ; mountPoochWeb; projectDirectory ; subl poochWeb.sublime-project"

alias unmountPoochHome="umount -f /Users/pooch/Documents/Programming/poochHome"
alias mountPoochHome="sshfs -o defer_permissions,noapplexattr,noappledouble,volname=poochHome /Users/pooch/Documents/Programming/poochHome/"
alias poochHome="mountPoochHome > /dev/null 2>&1 ; unmountPoochHome > /dev/null 2>&1 ; mountPoochHome; projectDirectory ; subl poochHome.sublime-project"

alias unmountPush="umount -f /Users/pooch/Documents/Programming/coursiclePush"
alias mountPush="sshfs -o defer_permissions,noapplexattr,noappledouble,volname=coursiclePush /Users/pooch/Documents/Programming/coursiclePush/"
alias push="mountPush > /dev/null 2>&1 ; unmountPush > /dev/null 2>&1 ; mountPush ; projectDirectory ; subl coursiclePush.sublime-project"

The new sublime text design is ugly, so just install the Theme - Legacy package from Package Control (note: won't apply until we update the prefs below). OR if that doesn't work, the Adaptive theme is pretty nice. Can just click "Sublime Text" > "Preferences" > "Theme" > "Adaptive". And then also same menu, change color scheme to "Monokai".

Use the old icon, in prefs folder, (drag it to the little icon in the Sublime text info panel).

Sublime text: Go to Preferences -> Settings, and on right hand side paste in all of the sublimeTextUserPrefs.json (in prefs folder).

Sublime text: Go to Help -> Enter License and then enter in the license in "sublimeTextLicense" in prefs folder. 

Add all Cyberduck bookmarks, have to drag and drop into the Cyberduck window (they're in prefs folder).
If this doesn't work:
	•	For each Cyberduck server, connect and specify our SSH private key.

Match all settings in Cyberduck between both computers (or check screenshots in prefs)
	•	Be completely sure: for CyberDuck, go to system preferences, transfers, permissions, and change the permissions for uploads for files and folders to both have “write” on the Group row checked
	•	Essential: in Cyberduck, go to prefs, transfers, filters and turn off “skip files matching the regular expression” on both the download and upload

To prevent hostname from changing (Terminal prompt) due to connecting to certain DHCP networks (OS X gets its hostname by doing reverse lookup of its IP): 
sudo scutil --set HostName Little-Bro-Peep

Essential: Boot into recovery mode and turn on the firmware password (make it ~30 characters) so it's reasonable to type when going into Bootcamp.
	•	Store this password in 1Password. It will be recoverable even if all devices are lost.

Start up Carbon Copy Cloner:
	•	Transfer the settings from ~/Documents/Home/Mac/preferences, lots of little things in there so just do a direct copy to application support and then reboot (

To prevent the really annoying "macOS wants to install an update" notification that comes up daily: 
defaults write AttentionPrefBundleIDs 0; killall Dock
sudo softwareupdate --ignore "macOS Catalina"
sudo softwareupdate --ignore "macOS Big Sur"

brew cask install dozer and then use it to hide the menu bar icons you don't want.

Import the Android Studio Settings file into Android Studio (mostly just the keymappings that we need).
Go to this link: in order to hide the SpamSieve icon in the doc.

Now that setup is done. BACKUP THE COMPUTER. 

Mostly deprecated/non-essential:

Sublime text. Install SFTP package from package control. Then, click "Sublime Text" in menu bar > Preferences > Package Settings > SFTP > keybindings -user, and paste in the key mappings (from prefs folder).  

Sublime text. "Sublime Text" in menu bar > Preferences > Package Settings > SFTP > "Settings-User" and paste in sublimeSFTPSettingsAndLicense.json (from prefs folder).
If this doesn't work:
	•	Google “sftp.sublime-settings” “product_key” to find any number of people who have uploaded their keys to Github. 
	⁃	Or use one of the other product keys we have in the prefs folder. 
	•	Also recommended, is to hide the status panel all the time. 
	⁃	"hide_output_panel": true,

In Sublime menu, go to Settings, then Customize Color Scheme, then paste the following. This will make the color indicating what was added/deleted/changed bigger, so you can more easily tell when scrolling: 
        "line_diff_width": "8"

Should install the ColorHelper package and set the following to make the preview size smaller: 
	"inline_preview_offset" : -4,

Should install "A File Icon" so you can see what knid of files things are quickly. 

Add sublime text saved servers with their preferences into ~/Library/Application\ Support/Sublime\ Text\ 3/Packages/User/sftp_servers (from prefs folder)
If this doesn't work: 
	•	Make sure each of the sublime servers are using the SSH key, not a password.

Pages. Go to a .pages file and change the default application to open with to the Pages in iWork '09, not the new one. And "change all".

Suck effect for minimization: 
defaults write mineffect -string suck; killall Dock

Get a 3D dock again: open CDock (it's in Extra Applications), and set to 10.8 - Mountain Lion, then match all the settings (in prefs). Note: we have actually purchased a license for this, just check 1Password. If the dock no longer has an animation when hiding/unhiding, run this:
defaults write autohide-time-modifier -int 1;killall Dock

Create the correct .bash_profile from what's in prefs:
cp /Users/pooch/Documents/Home/Mac/preferences/ ~/.bash_profile

To handle the server (can just use the prefs below):
For Sublime Text, go to the server config and edit/uncomment the lines to
	⁃	“file_permissions”: “664”,
	⁃	“dir_permissions”: “775”,

Add to the crontab (needed for Coursicle backups), it's in prefs folder: 

[deprecated] If you’re still trying to get used to the delete key, change delete to key code 55 (which is command). 

(can ignore unless using latexian more) Go to Latexian preferences to set the document to be the latexian template (in prefs folder). 

(can ignore unless using Matlab more) Add to Matlab/toolbox/local in order to get the right startup directory (in prefs folder).

[deprecated] Mountain lion sometimes drops wifi. Go here to fix:

[deprecated] Change the number of recent items in save dialogs:

[deprecated; doesn't fit with the design] Get the Mavericks folders style again:

[deprecated] Remove annoying as crap Adobe Update Manager which launches daily: Just go to “Adobe Application Manager” and unclick the check thing.

[deprecated] defaults write hide-mirror -bool true;killall Dock (no longer works in Sierra; use cDock, used to make transparent)

[deprecated] To prevent switching desktops when clicking an icon in Dock (don’t necessarily want this though): 
[deprecated] defaults write workspaces-auto-swoosh -bool NO;killall Dock

To prevent the Arduino plugin from starting on boot: 
launchctl unload ~/Library/LaunchAgents/ArduinoCreateAgent.plist
rm ~/Library/LaunchAgents/ArduinoCreateAgent.plist

Tara says these fixed the Yosemite lag problem for her (PRAM reset):

[deprecated, just don't use] Use this fork of gfxStatus (currently downloaded as of 1/16/17):
[deprecated, just don't use] NOTE: turn off notifications in system preferences for gfx status. They're so damn annoying. 

Bootcamp: install these for the new AMD drivers to improve performance:

If installing Bootcamp, be user to go to system preferences, startup disk, and select Macintosh HD so that that's the default. Otherwise you'll have to enter in the firmware password on every boot.

When 1Password's launcher for the shell won't work (i.e. you try to SSH into server with Chrome frontmost), run this (doesn't always work though): 
/System/Library/Frameworks/CoreServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/LaunchServices.framework/Versions/A/Support/lsregister -kill -r -all local,system,user

Possible issue that may arise due to the hibernation settings tinkering:

Extra things to do now that you have a new computer:
	•	Should see if there’s a way to use TouchID for entering every password, especially terminal passwords.
	⁃	Interesting. Should explore!
	•	Want it so that "create new window if application not in current space"	
	•	Try on each new machine: 
	⁃	Try setting up Total spaces? Seems like it might be good enough to use in Sierra.
	•	Maybe set up this on Touch Bar? Get some nice stats, make it actually useful.
	•	Check out this extension someone basically made for a couple of us BTT users, which disables part of the trackpad: 

Apply the license (in prefs folder). If it doesn't work, then should search Google: "BEGIN LICENSE" (should set Google check the last 1 year). 
Will likely need to add this to the /etc/hosts file too. As of 2018, using the sgbteam license and setting the /etc/hosts to localhost works great: