When I was in college, I had a severe aversion to alcohol. This extended beyond me, though. I strongly encouraged Tara to stay away from alcohol too. When she did drink, I would try to rationalize that it wasn't a big deal, that it wasn't much, etc.

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A glass of champagne (which apparently doesn't have much alcohol and also wasn't full because they were giving it to a kid) and and small glass of red wine which was also not very much. This was on a boat with her uncle while watching a soccer game. She had it with food and didn't feel any effects of it. She felt sleepy afterward but this may have been just because she was sleepy because it was 2AM.

1/4th of a http://sophiebroadbridgeblog.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2009/05/06.jpg of beer with her uncle. He had most of it and then she had the last 1/4th. This made her feel nauseous. This was in Hong Kong. 

Half a cocktail in India after a fashion show for swaroski which she didn't like the taste of but felt the affects of. When she moved her head there was a delay from what she saw so it was kind of a dizzy, blur motion. Only recorded time of feeling the effects of it. 

Less than half a beer at her house with her family over Christmas. 

Tried some of a hard liquor at an Indian Party but it burned so she spit it all out. This may have been during high school. 

Some point she was offered white wine but she said no. 

May have had some wine at her Uncle's house at some point (can't rule it out but can't remember a specific instance). 

May have had a glass of wine with her family at home at some point but she doesn't remember. Like at thanksgiving or something. This is just a possibility. (She says this is way more unlikely than having it at her uncle's house). 

May have had sips with parents but can't remember anything specific. 

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Now (03/23/14), I’m less paranoid, but I still want to keep my Tara safe. I’ve researched non-alcoholic beers: 

.3 per volume and good rating: Clausthaler Golden Amber. (.03 for amber, .45 for clausthaler)