An email I wrote to my mom.

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I know I really don't open up to you or Dad very often, so this may be a little strange.

I care about Alison so much, it's unprecedented for me. I'm really really crazy about her and it's hard to not be with her and console her when she's upset which happens unusually regularly because she has S.A.D (a type of depression). When we're apart, it's hard for us to communicate effectively and it causes unnecessary quarrels which are exacerbated by her disorder. Just tonight, she had a panic attack during an argument and was hyperventilating, fainted, and almost threw up. I experienced a kind of helplessness that I have never experienced before. Those are the reasons that she sometimes comes over late at night. I really care about her, and she's told me that she loves me. It's hard to not be around her, and this summer was supposed to be dedicated to spending time with her as we won't be able to nearly as much next year.

I know that the beach trip was supposed to be about family, but I care about her like I care about my family. I'm perfectly willing to talk to Grannie, sacrifice my bed, do anything to have her come with us. Niether I, nor her could go without each other for such an extended period of time. Please, can Alison come to the beach with us?


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