Turns out you do need to give your dog tic and flea meds when you live in San Francisco.

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- [ ] We have two problems. 
- [ ] We found out Cosmo has fleas, and we’ve been trying to get rid of them. 
- [ ] In the process, we were shaving him down with a buzzer, and accidentally cut the flap of skin where his hind leg meets his torso. 
- [ ] We’re concerned about the cut, because it’s in an area that has a lot of tension and movement. 
- [ ] We put some neosporean on it. 
- [ ] What should we do? 

- [ ] Secondly, he has fleas. 
- [ ] When we first noticed, we gave him a dose of the frontline plus (for tick and flea)
- [ ] Then 24 hours later, we took a look at him with a flea comb. We found at least 15 live fleas crawling on him, and 2 dead fleas. 
- [ ] Now we want to resolve this flea situation as soon as possible. What should we do?
    - [ ] We want to rid our dog AND our house of the fleas, so we don't get a repeated infestation. 

- [ ] Can we do a flea dip and board him with you?
- [ ] Can we give him a bath with any flea shampoo right now and continue this weekly?
- [ ] Can we just use Dawn dish soap and give him a bath and fill the water up and try to get the fleas off of him?