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"1. Email isn’t coming out tonight - I’ve got too much work. 2. I don’t think after tomorrow we’d be able to merge anymore (much more progress today with ITS and the chancellor, we just need the Registrar’s approval, and we’ll be locked in I think), so that window of opportunity is unfortunately closing quickly. If we merge though, it would just be you and Tara and my team (and maybe your other developer, but not Li - I’m not pleased with his childish and blatantly uninformed comments regarding CCm, CC2, and my own expertise). 3. CCm is growing, and students are asking to be a part of it on the development side. 4. The line in the email which concerns you would read something to the effect of: “Didn’t get all the classes you wanted? No problem! CCm can now text or email you as soon as a class you want opens up! Additionally, one of my friends offers the same excellent service at! Our mission is to help students and we want to make the best resources easily accessible and functional.” If that’s not okay, I’ll remove your sentence.
Hope everything else is going well!"

Joe  Thu, Apr 10, 2014 at 6:51 AM To: Li An , Kevin Anderson 
I'm pretty sure number 3 was just him bragging because his text was in response to "Just a reminder: if you’re planning to send that email today, please send me a copy before you send it out to everyone so that I can take a look at it. "  To: Joe 
Cc: Kevin Anderson 
Hahahaha Winston can [redacted]. "I'm not pleased" who the fuck does he think he is, the queen of England