Tara struggled for a while what to do after she finished undergrad. She knew she wanted to go to grad school, and finally one evening we started discussing law school very seriously, and everything clicked. I took notes during that discussion.

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	•	You think you'd be very good at it. 
	⁃	You think you could be top of your field in it. 
	⁃	You also have a technical background which gives you leg up and makes you very unique. This background is increasingly necessary. 
	⁃	Your innate talents line up with law. You could actually be an expert. 
	•	Really enjoy the work you're doing right now on privacy and reading regulations.
	⁃	Likes it a lot more than fraud. 
	⁃	Privacy is setting the strategy for the entire company, providing consumer transparency, you are directly interfering with product. 
	⁃	Just reading literal legislation is an interesting thought exercise. 
	•	Every other option just doesn't seem right, when comparing it to law. 
	•	Doing law keeps most doors open, and unlike other paths (Econ, MBA, etc) it actually opens way more doors. 
	•	Doing law allows you to be in the public sector or in the private sector, in a way other options don't. 
	•	Doing law allows you to be very lucrative, but you can also work on things that social meaning and value. 
	•	Could do interesting career things, like becoming a U.S. senator/representative, or become a good lobbyist. 
	•	You just feel genuinely excited about the idea. Every other option she thinks "writing a thesis is going to be a drag, going to be all these p-set classes", but overall you feel like "I can do it. And I want to do it."
	•	Day to day, you can read a bunch of stuff. You have high attention to detail. Being okay with confrontation. 
	•	If you are working the private sector, you want to be doing work that is macroscopic, which being a lawyer allows you to do. 
	•	You are not motivated by revenue, in the company, like an MBA student would be, and law is not revenue focused. 
	•	You have a protective instinct for your own company, which goes well with being a lawyer. 
	•	You feel like you would love to be a judge or state attorney general.