Things at Start Co. started to get a bit tumultuous. We were not happy with how we were being treated, and felt like we were really losing the autonomy that made us love working on Coursicle in the first place.

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* One of the reasons we came to Memphis was because we really connected with you and thought that you would really be able to help guide us to building this company. 
* And the start of 
* But recently, some of the guidance provided has felt patronizing to us. 
* One of the reasons we love working on the startup is because of the agency that it brings.
    * But some of the emails Eric sends and what you’ve sent has made us feel like we don’t have full agency. 

Before we get into business stuff, we wanted to talk to you about how we've been feeling. We fucked up on banking, and we take full responsibility. 
But otherwise we've been doing a pretty good job. 
Gone to every programming event except this morning. 
I've been putting in a lot of time practicing the pitches even though we don't think that's what's essential right now. 
But we feel like when we have a differing opinion or set of priorities, we feel like the way you talk to us about it is patronizing, and it has been affecting our ability to work on Coursicle. 

* For instance, assuming that we just skipped out on the event today and didn't have something more pressing to do. 

* You walked out on Tara’s pitch yesterday, and weren’t around for her first one.
* The way you broached the 36/86  
* You guys moved to a new floor which is inaccessible to us, which makes it seem like there is no cohesion.