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From: Michael Sokolow 
Subject: Thank you!
Date: August 12, 2018 at 10:25:13 AM PDT
To: "" 

Dear Tara and Joe and all your staff--

I am a History Prof. at Kingsborough Community College in Brooklyn NY, part of the CUNY system.  I was doing a quick Google search for a description of one of our classes (for a new adjunct Prof. hire, to clue him in on what he'd be teaching), and it guided me to your page on our college.  The brief description of that particular course was perfect, and then I noticed the other information your page included, such as when Fall 2018 sections will be offered and the names of Professors who had recently taught the class.

Once I started exploring your site -- I began by finding myself, of course :)  -- I was so impressed that I wanted to send you this fanmail.  Coursicle is a wonderful site, with clear and aesthetically pleasing visuals, concise and useful and correctinformation, and far easier to navigate than our own university's online Schedule of Classes.  I intend to share it as a useful resource for my students, advising them to reconfirm the information at the college website after they have used Coursicle's straightforward and pleasing interface to plan out their semester.

I hope the word is out on college campuses, because you are providing an invaluable service to students who deserve the best planning resources available.  Thank you for your hard work developing Coursicle, and best of luck to you in all of your future projects.

All my best,
Dr. Michael Sokolow
Prof. of American History at Kingsborough Community College

(Trying to help students register for the past 26 years)