Last minute reminders for how to go about course registration at orientation.

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What to check first:

See if Lfit 130 is open.

Seeif if Phys 116 is open.

Don't worry about the maths at first.

Shopping cart will go through alphabetically then numerically and it'll be automatic.

Go to the enroll tab and then proceed to step 2

Try your shopping cart. 

We're assuming you'll get into Comp 116. If that doesn't happen, you'll sign up for two math courses. 

If Hist 140 doesn't work:

If Hist 158 doesn't work:
	Sign up for English 105I section 001 
		If this doesn't work: 
			Try Sign up for 105 section 077

If LFIT 190 section 007 doesn't work, don't worry. You'll take it next year. 

If Music 143 doesn't work: 
	Drop Hist 158
	Sign up for Musc 145 section 001 
		If that doesn't work:
			Sign up for Clar 247 section 001 

If one of the histories doesn't work, you have to pick up an english. 
If one of the