The process of secretly getting my license for Tara as a surprise present.

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Aaron has been helping me for months. 

Had to lie to Jordan for like a 5 minute conversation. He was making very strong argument I should get it now. 

Night before, trying to fall asleep at 1am and wake up at 6am. Tara wakes me up at 1:30am with a phone call. Can't say anything. Can't fall back asleep until 2:15am.

Girl in front of me did not pass. The tester said that she approached the stop sign way too fast, probably the first one, and she wanted to scream "STOP", but she didn't scream, she just said stop. She said she did have to grab the wheel at one point. She said she shouldn't "come in so hot", more gradual. She also was in the wrong lane when turning or something like that. This made me a bit nervous that she didn't pass, but it also made me feel like I would look a lot better compared to her. It was like this girl hadn't practiced at all, and was only practicing during the tests or something. I wasn't going to be approaching stop signs too fast or anything like that, so overall this made me feel better, I'd say. Only got 4 hours of sleep though. Was a bit nervous when she said "you get in the car and we'll check your lights", because I didn't know how to turn some things on. 

My test went very well. I think she said to the other guy "once and a while you have an easy one" after my test. The only time I "messed up" was when I asked her "we're going right, correct?" when I was turning onto 54 and there was no way to take a left. She said "don't ask me that, that scares me". I also realized I didn't put my blinker on as soon as I knew we were taking the right, took me a couple seconds, but I did put it on. The rest was fine. She did do the sudden stop thing, but she warned me she was going to say it at a certain point, and she said it like 10 seconds later. I did the reach around well, my 3 point turn was good, I backed up well when I was supposed to just back up straight. I yielded to a pedestrian well, who was running. I wasn't entirely sure which lane I needed to be in when turning right at a light, because they had a median between the going straight lane and the going right lane, but I asked "I should go this way, correct?" and she confirmed. I stopped fully at stop signs. I was a little slow at times, like pulling out in into busy roads, but I was just being appropriately cautious. I'd say I'm just as cautious when I drive anytime, I make sure I can pull out and won't hit a car or cut someone off. She said at the end "you didn't scare me", which is what Julianna was told too, so I think it was the same woman. She liked our New York Yankees plate and that it said "Pooch". I forgot to turn the car off when we left, lol. She said "you may want to turn the car off." I had put it in park and everything, though.

Only needed by expired permit and my insurance card for the residency, funny enough. Thought maybe I needed to be listed on the insurance card based on what the first woman said, but maybe because it had the same address that didn't end up needing to be the case. 

The thing was, she typed a bunch of bad comments for the girl in front of me. She was a small Asian girl, probably 16, with her white mom (?), and she seemed to have failed before because while they were waiting they were talking, the girl seemed stressed and I overheard them say that it'd be another 7 days before retaking the test, so I thought they had already failed. 

Then when we got back, she realized she had entered in all these negative comments into my profile, not the other girls. And she couldn't delete them. She tried for like 5 minutes, asked someone else, they had nothing, so she had to call the IT help desk and have them do it. Seems like she had to delete them, then save something else instead, like a "D", and then it'd actually save. The first I knew I passed is when she said "well at least the 'pass' is saving". The girl had an X marked next to her name on the paper, I had an open circle.

Didn’t have to do a vision test or a sign test, which is cool. Just gave the documents and then did the test. That was it. 

The reason the photo came out well is because I had just told her that my girlfriend has been bugging me for years to get one and I said I was giving her a surprise Christmas and she said "so she's been driving you around?" and we both laughed.