Not taking a job for post-graduation was terrifying. I didn't know anyone else doing it. I had to constantly reassure myself that I could change course if things weren't working.

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What about the plan of trying to make it something that at least I can work full-time on by the time you start TGG? Which means probably getting investor money or getting into an incubator (preferable) which gives money.

Involves us figuring out at least a plan of how we’re going to take it (to make money).

Chris said that the only piece we’re missing is a plan of how to take it to make money, really.

Even if Tara’s not up for doing investment stuff now, it’s okay to see where we can get it up until that point and then I can try to do investment stuff full-time on my own for a while while we’re there, working some small freelance stuff to pay some of the bills. If it doesn’t work out, then she’s got the security. If it does work out, then she can leave after a few months and we can really get things going.

Joe: all of this can be so temporary. You can do a complete 180 in 6 months.