Tara and I cared a lot about splitting expenses up evenly. Like, down to the cent. We didn't want to feel like one of us was paying for more than the other, even though she was making $120,000/year and I was making $16,000 (all of Coursicle's revenue at the time).

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Joe has paid
First thrift store (mom bought us chair)
$35 (nightstand) 
$15 (shelf)
$4 (glassware)
($12.50 + $7.53 + $9.32) Lyfts while apartment searching 
$5 cash for Bart (non split) 
$609 for mattress, bed frame, and slate base
$21 for toilet paper and two clipper cards with $5 on each
$20 for table off Craigslist 
$150 for microwave (Joe pays $60, Tara pays $90) 
$10 for Lyft to Craigslist 
$10 for tiny tiny dresser 
$2 Mac n cheese (Tara pays full)
$13.96 (for dish soap, hammer, and paper towel roll)
$3 jelly 
$3.50 bread
$2.29 peanut butter
$2.34 McNuggets (Tara pays full)
$73 modem 
$386 (Tara pays only $148) (need to revise, got discount, new price paid: $367.75)
$20 at Urban Ore for side table, cable, bird house 
$10 at Urban Ore for Tara's plates and artwork (Tara pays full) 
$148 for shared small IKEA things (lamps, cutting board, side table, etc) 
~$90 for Sams club shared items (receipt is in photos) 
$112.47 (for IKEA purchase, trash can, kitchen chairs, stepping stool). 
$58.44 at Walmart (ziplock, toilet roll holder, detergent, etc). Kosher salt has been subtracted. 
$13.00 for Italian water bottles 
$8.17 for hangers at Target

Joe Venmo's 

$16.26 for broom
$10.30 for toothbrush cup

Tara has paid
$2695 for first month rent
$181 for renter's insurance
$10 cashier's check
$6 Lyft (joe pays full)
$3.45 (Took a Lyft instead of Bart to Oakland; joe pays full fare he would have paid on Bart)