A compilation of snippets from emails and chat conversations (mostly from 5th - 8th grade, 2005 - 2008) that apparently had enough significance to be written down.

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Joe @ Sarah : Anyway which me did you like the funny or mature?
Joe @ Joey: Sarah is thinking of leaving me.
Sarah @ Joe:i like both "you's". it was just that kiss stuff........... it was kinda akward for me. i still like u though, do u still like me?
Joe @ Sarah: Of course, and it felt okward to me to.
Joe: Thanks you guys are the best,

POOCH Or      PP (pooch puccio)

Joe: ya we won 6 to zip easy and there is a way to get to the oort cloud and even the andromedia galaxy using antimatter

Joe: Addressed to all my classmates:
Hi everybody, I just wanted to inform you that I am going to meet a astrophysicist on Friday, March 10, 2006 and if you had any   questions that have anything to do with these following subjects I would be happy to ask him for you.  
1 Atoms
2 Physics in general
3 The cosmos' expansion
4 Asteroids
5 Light
6 The sun
7 Any planet

And any other thing you might think an astrophysicist would specialize in.

Reply: Caleb: wats an astrophysicist
Joe: its someone that studys asronomey (stars) and physics (gravity and ect)

Joe @ Sarah: well, I liked Alex D for a day around a month ago and I dont like anyone now.

Joey + Jonny, Remember when I liked Shelby that one day, and we all flipped out. I think I just saw her bend over or something. Maybe see lost her surfboard qualities.

Sarah @ Joe: You really think the world's against you, huh. I'm sorry for hurting your poor, innocent, pathetic feelings. Not.

Joe @ Parents: I need to go to a high school that teaches physics and chemistry.

Phil @ Joe Phil: Hi boy, you're not annoying, but I am busy in a meeting. We'll talk tonight. OK?

Joey @ Joe :What does "Demise" mean?

Joe @ Joey Jonny : [redacted]

Joe @ Jonny in response to look up emily osman: I did its a photo of one of the kid on Hannah Helena.

Joe @ Jonny Ok there both HOT. But none of us have a chance with them.

Joe @ Sarah: No I dont. And no I did at first but you're just two friends that laugh Alot. Not that theres anything wrong with that.

Joe @ Sarah, another misspelling of awkward: ya ok I dont want this to get acward but why did you stop liking me?

Joe @ Joey: I think that she was being awnest.

Sarah @ Joe: Well, i can predict you. I can tell what your thinking sometimes, i know a lot about you. But i don't know you well enough. If you know what I mean...

Joe @ Joey: Hi, i'm not sure but I think I like Alex. D. AND SO IT BEGINS?

I just realized, Sarah was really nice. And then an [redacted], even if I was being annoying.

Re: Second Attempt: MACY*S (R) 500 Dollar Gift Card Inside Joe: No, go to hell

Joey Jonny, remember when we were locked out of the cabin on the rafting trip?

So I grabbed my laptop and just started, it just came out,
HAHAHA taken out of context

However, writing all this has just brought back some feelings, memories, and how great it was to be with her, but nothing gold can stay.