Notes on the sinus stuff I had been experiencing, perhaps it was connected to my distress?

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Sinus stuff: 
* In general I do feel congested, been for a while, but I just get used to it.
* For the last couple of days, I've started to feel a sore throat/throat discomfort.
* Also, 10 days ago, while walking had ear pain in left ear and started getting headache.
* Two days ago I woke up with a pretty bad headache and congestion, definitely thought it felt like sinus related at this point, since the pain appeared to be in the sinus under my eye. 
* Past couple nights I have also felt what feels like a lot of post nasal drip, which has made it hard to sleep (discomfort in throat). 

GI related issues: 
* Sometimes have nausea throughout the day / after each meal. 

Point the nasal spray toward the ear. Two sprays once a day. 

Start with Flonase for 4 weeks. Should feel better in a couple weeks. 
Then if it’s not better, send him a message and he’ll order antibiotics. 
Then after that we’d go from there. 

Dr. bender should get the notes from the endoscopy.