Notes about what features I should play with and some main takeaways from reading the manual.

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* Use the pause button to hover in midair. It's emergency break.
* Set customizable button to toggle map/live view
* Turn off the WiFi of your phone when using, to minimize interference. 
* It is not recommended to fly within 2 meters above water. When above water, the VPS will turn off automatically and only GPS and barometer are used for positioning.

Should play around with:
* interval photos, basically time-lapse
* slowmo? 
* Tripod mode
* Cinematic mode
* TapFly
* Quickshot
* SmartCapture
* Active Track and controlling the device while in active track, it should stay focused on the subject
* Point of interest
* Maybe change gimbal to FPV mode to capture the airplanes? 
* Play around with higher altitude? Should ask Jonny
* Follow birds